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Upcoming Live Events

Harry Verity Live Events

Catch me live on Instagram and Clubhouse for updates on my travels, recent projects and just to stay in touch with me.

I will be doing interviews, podcasts and giveaways and I would love for you to join me.

Instagram Live with S.V. Leonard

It was great to chat with crime author S.V. Leonard on Instagram Live about her debut novel The Islanders. It’s a thrilling debut about a Love Island-style show gone wrong in which the contestants have to investigate a murder. Sarah signed with digital publisher Canelo around the same time I signed with Bloodhound, so it was great to have a conversation with her about our different experiences with the publishing industry. Sarah entered a pitching competition on Twitter which resulted in her book being picked up.

Both our books use newspaper articles and reflect on many of the recent scandals about reality TV that have hit the headlines in the U.K. We have great fun talking about how often fiction gets to the heart of the truth more than a newspaper report ever can.

Finally, we end by talking about what we’re working on next and when you’re likely to see our next book launch.

Write and Wrong Podcast

I talk to Jamie and Emma in the days after the book launch of The Talk Show. We discuss my route into publishing and the rejections I faced before The Talk Show, my debut, was finally picked up by Bloodhound.

We also discuss my life on the road, traveling all around the world. We talk about how finding myself ‘stuck’ in Vietnam at the start of the pandemic led to me securing the book deal. Finally, we also touch on all things Vietnam and how they have dealt with COVID-19 allowing me to lead a normal life and continue my favourite habit of working from coffee shops without restrictions.

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